Ivan Shopov & Avigeya - Kanatitsa (Remixed)


We're honoured to present a special mix of Ivan Shopov (cooh) and Avigeya's collaborative 'Kanatitsa' Remix album, featuring 20 selections from the 45 remixes featured on the album.

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Renowned for his numerous projects across electronic musical genres, i.e. COOH and Balkansky, Ivan Shopov has been a flag-bearer of experimental world fusion electronic music, seamlessly crossing boundaries of drum and bass, dubstep, trip-hop, hip-hop, IDM, ambient, trance and techno across his discography. More importantly, he has been able to achieve the essence of folk music from around the world in his productions, with Kanatitsa unfolding a homecoming ode to his native Bulgarian music.

Shivelight co-curator, @baxtak picked its favourites from this huge remix album and brought it to you in the form of this 52 mix.


Artwork remixed by Nasimo
Original artwork concept by Whaleworx Studio
Produced by Ivan Shopov
Released by Etheraudio Records


All Originals are by Ivan Shopov & Avigeya. Featured artists in the original album:

Theodosii Spassov on Yane and Kanatitsa
Dimitar Bodurov on Sluntse Gree, Traka Tren and Stara Planino
Burak Malcok on Traka Tren
Nocktern on Momina Molitva
Dayan Kutsarov on Stara Planino

Remixes included in this mix include:

00:00:00 - Kanatitsa (dj-kundalini Remix)
00:01:08 - Yane (the-third-man-2 Remix)
00:02:13 - Kanatitsa (Ghostek Remix)
00:04:03 - Traka Tren (SubpYao Remix)
00:05:49 - Traka Tren (BALKANSKY Remix)
00:09:00 - Sluntse Gree (mojogoro Remix)
00:10:43 - Sluntse Gree (monolog-madsl Remix)
00:13:59 - Chichovite Konye (Clockvice Remix)
00:17:09 - Belo Rade (Nocktern Remix)
00:19:18 - Sluntse Gree (Asamusicofficial Remix)
00:22:19 - Kanatitsa (Merlin_Ettore Remix)
00:23:58 - Kanatitsa (Yunis Remix)
00:25:56 - Traka Tren (IonDriver Remix)
00:28:13 - Momina Molitva (mussck Remix)
00:29:44 - Momina Molitva (The-Ghost-of-3-13 Remix)
00:32:06 - Momina Molitva (eesn Remix)
00:35:17 - Libe (Smyahh Remix)
00:37:54 - Planino (Vorso Remix)
00:42:50 - Stara Planino (Amotken Remix)
00:45:34 - Eno Lyo (seb-taylor-kaya-project Remix)

Ivan Shopov:

Mix by Баxтак:

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