Dj Kalifer @ Karma Kusala Festival 2018


Ψ mix 2 fr3e the mind & to raise awareness 

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Play List :

01 - Red Sun Rising - The Battle in Ancient Galaxy
02 - PROFONDITA - Volluto (Original Mix)
03 -StereOMantra - Cyclone
04 - Dense - Mental Blackout
05 - Flucturion 2.0 - Mirage
06 - Dreamstalker - One again
07 - Sesen - Terrain
08 - AKSHAN - Welcome as You Are
09 - AstroPilot - My Home Is Where You Are
10 - AstroPilot - Cloud Castle
11 - FLUCTURION 2.0 - Nikiana Skyline
12 - AstroPilot - The Masquerade
13 - METAMORPHOSIS - Cosmic Vibrations
14 - StereOMantra - Rhythm Of Life
15 - AKSHAN - Time is Unity
16 - Shpongle - Are We There Yet


Alexandre aka Dj SolEye & Dj Kalifer


SolEye will help you to relax and to connect to the deeper layers of yourself.

Kalifer invites you to transcend yourself by dancing to downtempo, Midtempo,
Chillgressive and Psytechno Rhythms.

Multidimensional Alexandre with some finely mixed warm and transporting selections, is known to fill the most beautiful European Chill floors like Psy-fi, Hadra, Harmonic, South Nature, Karma Kusala, Stone Moon etc ...

His connection with the public is hypnotic , intense and favorizes interconnections.

2018 is marked by the release of his compilation Deep Resonance released by Hadra Altervision Records .

Since 2002 and his first contact with French techno and electro cultures, Alexandre has become one with this underground part of culture and taken part in these movements.

Member of Grenoble’s underground culture, he began to arrange in 2003, under the name Kalifer.

In 2009 are published two albums by Aka records then Alexandre, thirsty for listening to other music than his own, began to devote his time completely to DJing.

In 2012, he integrated as the collective “Les Rythmes Actuels” with this uptempo project with psyprog, psytrance or progressive techno.

In 2016, Alexandre aka Kalifer with his second project "Soleye" integrates the chill area in Hadra Records.

Deeply inspired by nature, love, sharing and well-being, he evolves inside rhythms and atmospheres of Chill-Out and Downtempo culture.

His integration into Hadra Records allows to confirm the musical diversity of our alternative area and we enjoy it greatly !

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